Millennial Bible College (MBC) was founded in January 2000, in response to the need for a part-time Bible College in the Central District.

MBC is the Central District Bible School of the United Pentecostal Church of Great Britain & Ireland (UPC GB&I). We hope to both create and foster a deeper hunger for the Word of God – which is the key to a spiritually-charged life. It will also develop your leadership skills and provide you with the necessary platform to elevate you in your God-given calling.

MBC is passionate about providing each Bible scholar with the tools to equip them in prayer, ministry, evangelism, theology, Bible education and much more.

MBC offers a two-year course in Christian Theology & Leadership. The course itself is divided into four modules (semesters) which includes the core units of Bible Doctrine, Life of Christ, the Epistles and the Old Testament Surveys


Our thanks to all those who have previously tutored at MBC over the years. Currently, there are teachers for Year 1 and Year 2 students - these include Reverend K. Gentry and Brother Adoti.

Sister Carmen Hibbert 


Sis Carmen Hibbert is a member of the Birmingham Lighthouse UPC, where she serves as part of the leadership team – under the Pastoral leadership of Rev Mark Gadd - as well as being the Central District’s Prayer Coordinator. An educator for over 30 years, Sis Carmen brings experience of strategic leadership, thinking and planning; she has a vision and passion for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Reverend S. Cassidy 

Assistant Dean

Reverend  Cassidy is a licensed minister of UPC GB&I since 2011. He is currently serving as Central District Men’s Leader and his vision is to see men reach their full potential  and calling in Jesus Christ.  He believes that men’s ministry is vital to the growth of any Church.  Reverend Cassidy currently holds various positions in Faith Tabernacle Church at Milton Keynes.


Reverend M. Rapalai 

School Board

Looking back I see that, despite all the things and situations I have gone through God has always had, and continues to have, His hand over me. He provided a mother who, though she was not herself a Christian, encouraged us as children, to go to church.